IDGOUG (International Data Guard Oracle User Group) is committed to helping Oracle users staying update on the cutting­ edge of Oracle technologies and industry information through practical content, user­ focused education and invaluable networking and leadership opportunities. We not only render services in the Oracle stratum but at times organize certain skill development sessions. It gives us enormous privilege when we are able to assist others in learning various aspects of Oracle.


Our Mission is Serving the Oracle Community. We try to provide services with the best of our knowledge, expecting in return, the excellence of our Webinar and other event participants.

Our Goal

To educate and share information on Oracle products and technology is our main intent. Business firms and institutions get fewer chances to develop the skill set of their workforce and we are keen in helping such institutions. We are bent over delivering and imparting knowledge related to Oracle services and products.

We believe in the development and amelioration of our recipients. Our associates will go to any extent in doing so. We believe that sharing our knowledge also helps us to upgrade ourselves.

Empowering you to be more productive in your business and career by delivering education, sharing best practices and providing technology direction and networking opportunities.

  • Increase your organization’s technical Skills.
  • Build knowledgeable, well­-connected teams that can add value.
  • Save the time and costs associated with understanding Project­related challenges.
  • Develop best practice in your organization to minimize the cost.
  • Enhance your skill set – access valuable, practical content, white papers, Journal, Magazine created by users for users.
  • Boost your individual marketability Network, collaborate and exchange information with peers.
  • Share your opinions about Oracle products, services.

Advices, suggestions and recommendations are always welcomed at IDGOUG as they help us in rectifying ourselves and being better and consecutively our addressees are also benefited.